More than looking -session 3

Today we looked at some questions in relation to photographs we had have been looking at over the course of the term. Our group looked at the below image by Gregory Crewdson: 1:What is your first impression of the image i.e. your gut feeling or reaction? Surprise, surreal, shock, disappointment, strange, matriarchal, 2. What sensesContinue reading “More than looking -session 3”

Seminar 3 more than looking part 2

  In todays seminar, we where introduced to the combination of images and text. At first we looked at whether images needed text to accompany them. We came to the conclusion, that it completely depends on the genre of the subject, what the photographer wishes to portray, and how much context is in the imageContinue reading “Seminar 3 more than looking part 2”

Seminar 2 More than Looking

Seminar 2 got us thinking about ways in which photographs can speak to us in a way other than just using our sight. Lynn wanted us to start using our other senses in order to deepen our understandings on what photographs can represent. In this seminar we looked at touch. Lynn had brought in plentyContinue reading “Seminar 2 More than Looking”