Lecture 5-Additional reading notes.

These notes are based from the readings in Mary Warner Marien’s book Photography: A Cultural History. Jean-Francois Leotard wrote The Postmodern Condition in 1979,which placed Postmodernism as the next phase of Modernism. In art Postmodernism was in short a rejection of the ideals of Modernism, an anti-movement, against techniques such as abstraction. Photographers started to conform toContinue reading “Lecture 5-Additional reading notes.”

Lecture 4- additional notes.

These notes are based on the pages I have read in Warner Mariens book, relating to the new world in Europe. The Russian revolution (1917) had a deep impact on artists and photographers in Russia at the time, in particular avant-garde. Artists started to experiment with Cubism and Futurism. Lissitzky was a committed political artist, whoContinue reading “Lecture 4- additional notes.”

lecture 3 additional notes.

Aget made made photographs of the buildings and interiors of Paris for his book ‘the art of old Paris’. He made a living selling these photographs to people, much as an artist would sell their paintings. He wasn’t choosy with his subjects, shooting virtually everything, creating over 3000 photographs during his time making the book.Continue reading “lecture 3 additional notes.”

Lecture 2 additional notes part 2

Peter Henry Emerson Emerson was all for the truthfulness of photography. He felt photography an art of science, not an art on its own. He believed the photograph should document how the eye see, using selective focus on the main subject, allowing the rest to go into slight blur. He talked of photographs being their own,Continue reading “Lecture 2 additional notes part 2”

lecture 1 additional notes part 2.

Charles Baudelaire ‘The Salon of 1859: The Modern Public and Photography’. It is clear that he isn’t overly happy with how the invention of photography is taking away from the skills that already exist such as painting, and sculpting. To him it takes away the genius of the art at the time. He sees theContinue reading “lecture 1 additional notes part 2.”

Lecture 1 additional reading notes

Here are the notes I have created from Mary Warner-Mariens book Photography: A Cultural History. The notes are snippets of the text that I have found important and noteworthy. (P9-21) Warnier Marien History of the first photographs fit the conventional notion that invention is regular and progressive, with each experiment building successfully on the past.Continue reading “Lecture 1 additional reading notes”