Lecture 5- Post modernism and Photography. The crisis of the real.

In lecture 5 we looked at the post-modernism movement and how it was a reaction from those who didn’t comply or agree with the modernist way. Although it implies that the movement was after modernism, in reality it was during the same period in time, starting just after World War 2 with pop art. ItContinue reading “Lecture 5- Post modernism and Photography. The crisis of the real.”

Lecture 4- New and Old Worlds, Photography and Modernism

Lecture 4 looks at the end of the Pictorialist movement, and how many who where involved in the movement, started the next one: Modernism. Modernism was a global movement though it was seen very differently in America, compared to Europe. In America, Modernism was known as ‘Straight Photography’. Stieglitz was an early pioneer, despite hisContinue reading “Lecture 4- New and Old Worlds, Photography and Modernism”

Lecture 3 – The Artist with the Camera

In the lecture we looked at Atget, a photographer from the 19th century who documented his city of residence; Paris. He made photographs of buildings both externally and internally.  At the time Napoleon wanted to make Paris a grand city, so many building were destroyed and new ones erected. Many where unhappy with the process,Continue reading “Lecture 3 – The Artist with the Camera”

Lecture 2 – Can Photography be art?

In my opinion, Photography is art, but through out the ages this has been a hugely controversial debate. In our lecture we looked how opinions and practices had changed in regards to the question that is regularly asked. Through the centuries art has influenced photographic practices greatly.  In the early days of photography there wasContinue reading “Lecture 2 – Can Photography be art?”

Lecture 1-The Inventions of Photography

The Inventions of Photography lecture takes us through the evolution of early day practices, and the experiments that took place by the pioneers of the medium, in order to capture and perfect the first photographs. We looked at the timeline which moved relatively quickly as the race to produce the first photograph began, showing us a directContinue reading “Lecture 1-The Inventions of Photography”