Essay Planning

The question I chose to answer was “It is difficult to know now with certainty whether Evans recorded the America of his youth, or invented it.” (John Szarkowski). Examine the work of two social documentary photographers, paying attention to the potential of documentary to invent as well as represent.

I decided to look at photographers Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine. Both worked at a similar time, with a relatively joint goal to help those in a worse state of life than their own. Riis concentrated largely on Living conditions and homelessness, where as Hine documented the lives of child labourers in both factories and on the street.

I looked and the below books to conduct my research.IMG_1549.JPG

Once I had read the books I made a plan and spider diagrams and placed the most important aspects in which I felt answered the question.


After I had research, I wrote down what key points I wanted to say in my essay before, writing a first draft.

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