seminar 2


In seminar 2 we looked at how men and women are portrayed in photographs and how they relate to Sontag and Bergers writings.



Powerful, fit, strong, dominant, defined.



Simplistic, soft, seductive, vulnerable, glorified, looks like a doll, i.e skin retouch.

Male is low key lighting, and women is more High key, to represent hard and soft.


  1. Advert is aimed at Men and Women i.e girlfriend buying for boyfriend. The model is presented as naked using perfume as clothing. Comfortable in their bodies, man is very well defined, making him look strong and powerful, Women is more discreet in terms of her body, but this adds to the whole seduction of the advert.
  2. Not in this case, they both conform to his claims.


Part 2


  1. Bruce Gilden- In your face, people don’t know he is there until he has taken the photograph. Spur of the moment photographer.

Bruce Davidson- People know he is there before he takes the photograph, he gets to know his surroundings, and the people he is going to photograph. More of a considered approach.


  1. Gilden thinks he has the right to photograph people without asking permission, whether it be legal or not, he doesn’t respect personal space, morally should he ask? If asks would he still get the same result? He is less personal. Davidson is more reserved in his approach blending to his surrounds, and having a dialogue with some of his subjects.


  1. Sontag would raise the question as to the way the people are being portrayed in both sets of photographers images, especially in Gildens case. Are they showcasing them in an accurate way to their personality or is it open to interpretation, leaving the risk of showing them in a different light to how they actually are.


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