More than looking -session 3

Today we looked at some questions in relation to photographs we had have been looking at over the course of the term. Our group looked at the below image by Gregory Crewdson:


1:What is your first impression of the image i.e. your gut feeling or reaction?

Surprise, surreal, shock, disappointment, strange, matriarchal,

2. What senses can you draw on to understand this image,do smell,touch, taste, sound, or vision feature somehow in the image.

Car engine (sound), Diesel (smell), cool temperature (feel)

3. What might have happened just before or after this picture was taken?

Caught in the act with young lover, Shocked parent giving her a telling off.

4. What fundamental components is the photographer drawing on, e.g.: line, shape, form, shadow, movement etc.

Unusual lighting, cinematic effect, human form, leading diagonal lines from car to girl.

5.What is the photographers intention?

Raise questions from viewers, surreal, fantasy world.

6. Describe what is happening in this photograph, what it says about the subject/content, and if you think the photographer was successful?

A young girl caught half naked by her Mother, whilst an onlooker in the car watches the scene unfold. Yes I feel the photograph is successful in terms of creating mystery, and a cinematic feel.

I moved on to Fading Away by Henry Peach Robinson answering questions 6 and 7.


6. Describe what is happening in this photograph, what it says about the subject/content, and if you think the photographer was successful?

The photograph shows the family gathering round a dying girl. The light falls onto the girl creating a vignette around with the rest of the family cast into slight shadow. The scene is morbid with grimaced faces.

7.Create a narrative based on this image, a short story based on the image as a starting point.

In a house in Victorian Britain, a young girl battles against the impending death after contracting the plague. Her family have moved her into the sitting room, in a bid to make her last few hours as pleasant as possible. The curtains are part drawn, as her Father looks anxiously out into the world, that has no idea of his suffering, hoping it will distract his mind. Her Mother and Sister watch on in silence, unsure of how to act or what to say. Suddenly the young girl lets out her last sigh as she passes away peacefully. Unlike her passing the room is anything but peaceful. Cries and shrieks pierce the as air the women mourn their loss. A rip of the curtains indicates her Father closing the the room from the outside world as anger pulses through his veins.

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