lecture 3 additional notes.

Aget made made photographs of the buildings and interiors of Paris for his book ‘the art of old Paris’. He made a living selling these photographs to people, much as an artist would sell their paintings. He wasn’t choosy with his subjects, shooting virtually everything, creating over 3000 photographs during his time making the book. During this time Napoleon wanted to make a change to Paris, bringing it into line with the modern day. Many were unhappy with this due to the amount of buildings that would be destroyed. To help combat this, and document the buildings before they went the commission for old Paris formed. Their job was simple; to document as many buildings as possible, to archive them for future generations. One of the photographers was Aget, though he never worked directly for the commission, he sold the photographs he made to them.

In his book, he showcased the photographs in chronological order for the first part, being a mixture of grand staircases, door knockers, and wanton fountains. The second part of the book concentrated on three monuments; the Hotel Boucheret, the Eliglise St. Sulpice and the Hotel Lauzen. The difference between these three chapter s and the first section, was Aget concentrated in significantly more detail on these three buildings, showing their interiors as well as their exteriors, and finer details.

Aget in reality had his own plans with the photographs, they never really conformed to the look of the commission, though he did help them out in one or two instances when they were after photographs of derelict buildings in their glory days, photographs that only Aget had.

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