Seminar 3 more than looking part 2


In todays seminar, we where introduced to the combination of images and text. At first we looked at whether images needed text to accompany them. We came to the conclusion, that it completely depends on the genre of the subject, what the photographer wishes to portray, and how much context is in the image itself.

We looked at a few images and came up with words to describe the emotions and feelings in the scene.

One of the images we looked at was this one of the Pentagon marches by Marc Riboud.


As a group we looked at the opposites within the shot; they included:

  • Peace and war
  • Men and women
  • lonesome and group
  • soft and hard

It was interesting to see the amount of words possible to describe one image.

The next task was to look at 10 images and come up with words for each. We then chose one image to make a short narrative, using the list of words we came up with. I worked with Vicky, and together we chose the image below, coming up with this story to accompany it.Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 13.02.30.png

The words:

  • Monster
  • Trap
  • Lair
  • Darkness
  • Hidden
  • Neglect
  • Maze
  • Mystery
  • Prey

The narrative:

Deep in the darkness, hidden in a maze constructed of tunnels, and layers, dwelled a create of sheer mystery and horror. Few had ever seen the creature, and those who had never escaped with their life. The villagers nearby talked of the horror and torment that frequented their dreams/nightmares. The creatures lair had been neglected for years, as the villagers never dared to go near it. Only those who were lost on the path stumbled across it looking for shelter. What they didn’t realise that it was no shelter, ┬ábut a trap the monster within had built to capture its prey. Once they entered the maze, they were lost forever, caught in the sticky web, waiting for their impending doom. Once the monster decided to kill the unfortunate souls, it would store ┬átheir carcasses in the web, like some sort of sadistic pantry, until it was hungry enough to devour them. Despite many going missing over the years, no one in the village dared to ever tackle the beast, in fear of their lives. The beast lived their undisturbed for years, the King of the Castle, eating those unfortunate enough to come across its path. His story became legend, for many hundreds of years, and still to this day no one ventures their willing, just incase the legend is still alive.

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