Seminar 2 More than Looking

Seminar 2 got us thinking about ways in which photographs can speak to us in a way other than just using our sight. Lynn wanted us to start using our other senses in order to deepen our understandings on what photographs can represent. In this seminar we looked at touch.

Lynn had brought in plenty of tactile objects for us to handle. The aim was to use our sense of touch to influence the photographs we were going to take during the session. Remembering the feelings of the objects we went out and shot textures that appealed to our touch and uploaded them to the more than looking flickr page

At the end of the session we went through all the photographs we had taken and came up with words that helped us describe what we had shot.

The image below is a photograph of a exercise ball that had been taken by art students.


The words that came into my head here:

  1. Artistic
  2. Colourful
  3. Bouncy
  4. Stress reliever (I had an urge to kick it)

I found the seminar interesting, using our sense of touch to influence us rather than our eyes. This will give me an extra element to talk about when critiquing photographs int he future.

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