What is Photography?

We started looking at the different types of photography and how they relate to one another. To start with, I perhaps looked at it as black and white but as actually as we delved deeper we started to notice that in reality most types of photography overlap each other in many ways. For example, if we look at commercial photography, with in that genre there are so many different styles, such as fashion, landscape, portrait, documentary, and architecture to name just a few.

The other thing we looked at was the differences between practices. Of course they all use a camera to create the photograph, but different styles requite different equipment, as well as different outlets in which audiences view the photographs. Another significant difference is the fact that some of the most viewed photographs these days are taken by civilians rather than professionals, especially with documentary photography in this day and age where the camera phone, and social media allows the use of the latest stories to be viewed by the world instantly.

Finally we were asked to discuss what we believed to be the most important genre in photography. To me though there is no right or wrong answer to this. Is one style more important than another? Well in my opinion it depends on the individual. Each person is different in what they believe is the most important genre, style or individual photograph. A professional may see the most import as the one that gets them the most work in order to make a living. A News broadcaster may see it as the one that gives them the best story. But to the average person the most important style may be home photography, or to put it another way, the photographs in which they have taken themselves. The photographs that take them back to a cherished moment or reminds them of a loved one. To me all photography is important, but each style can be more or less important to different people depending on who they are.

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